Ted Merwin, Ph.D. is a writer, professor, humorist, veteran journalist, collector and noted public speaker. He is a dynamic, charismatic, entertaining lecturer on the history of Jewish food in America.

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Ted Merwin, Ph.D. has given more than a hundred public lectures on Jewish culture in the last several years.  He is the author of
In Their Own Image: New York Jews in Jazz Age Popular Culture and Pastrami on Rye: An Overstuffed History of the Jewish Deli.
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Ted has published major articles in the New York Times (Arts and Leisure), Washington Post, International Herald Tribune, Haaretz, Forward, Moment, Hadassah, London Jewish Chronicle and many other newspapers and magazines across the English-speaking world.

For the last fifteen years, Ted has penned a theater column for the New York Jewish Week, the largest-circulation Jewish newspaper in the nation. His most recent theater articles can be found here. He also writes a monthly “back of the book” culture column for the same paper; his most recent articles can be found here. He recently made a foray into investigative journalism; for his front page story about the mysterious disappearance of stained glass windows from a synagogue in Pennsylvania, click here.

Ted Merwin’s five minute interview on ABC