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Sunday New York Times Book Review

book review of “Pastrami on Rye”

New York Times

Sam Roberts on “Pastrami on Rye”

The Economist

The rise and fall of the Jewish deli


In praise of pastrami: when kosher delis were “secular synagogues”

Jerusalem Post

the sandwich generation


How pastrami helped to create American Jewish culture

New York Post

Tasty bits from the history of the Jewish deli

New York Daily News

goodbye to the New York deli

Time Out New York

three best things to do in New York today

Los Angeles Times

Jewish delis in a pickle

Washington Post

New York Jewish deli meets the 21st century

Philadelphia Inquirer

Jewish delis: co-opted by assimilation

Baltimore Sun

100 year wait for melt-in-your-mouth corned beef

Associated Press

Oy vey, holidays! Chanukah-themed products for Christmas


excerpt on how WWII changed Jews’ relationship to delis


pastrami and Jewish identity

New York Jewish Week

sex and the deli

Jewish Telegraphic Agency

in time for Hanukkah, nine best Jewish books of the season

Dickinson Magazine

overcoming rejection and getting your work published



“Pastrami on Rye” on The New York Times Close Up (Interview runs from 24:17 to 30:44)